Adrenaline ATV’s Polaris Lineup

Adrenaline ATV Tours is Las Vegas’ Premier ATV Tour company with 24 vehicles capable of bringing nearly 30 people on a single tour through the legendary Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, Nevada. You have the choice of a Polaris Sportsman 450, Polaris Ace 900 Cross Country, or one of three seats on a Polaris Razer. We welcome riders of all skill levels ranging from “I don’t want to drive” to “Give me the best of the best” and everything in-between. Las Vegas ATV Tour company Adrenaline ATV gives you the ultimate guided ATV Riding experience complete with fuel, cold drinks, and a lunch of your choice.

The tour process goes something like this: First, you either call us or check out our website and book a tour for you, your friends, your aunt and uncle, and your favorite grandparent. After that, you will receive a confirmation email from the payment processor and from Adrenaline ATV. These emails contain all of the tour information including the tour date, the number of vehicles reserved, and the transaction confirmation number. You should keep these in case you have any questions prior to your tour date. Sometime before your tour, you will be contacted by a lovely employee of Adrenaline ATV who will confirm pickup times and locations with you so that you know where to go at your hotel so that the tour bus can pick you up.

On the day of your tour, you will be greeted at your designated pickup location by an Adrenaline ATV Bus filled with all of the other people going on the tour that day. After picking every rider up, the bus will begin its drive up to “The Ranch” which is Adrenaline’s housing quarters for all of the machines and is where you will be suited up and start riding. After arriving, you will see a rocky terrain, sandy dunes, and a large building complex that has each of Adrenaline ATV’s Aces, Sportsmans, and Razers. You will be given demonstrations and a brief training session to let you know how to handle your ride and what to do in certain situations. After that, you will be shown your gear and how to put it on, at which point you are ready to ride!

Driving your ATV is obviously the best part of the tour, and Adrenaline doesn’t skimp out on it. Most ATV tour companies in Las Vegas just gear you up, throw you onto an ATV, and point you to where you can ride. No guides. No tour of the area. No showing you where the good places are. They just expect you to find where you want to go. Adrenaline ATV Tours Las Vegas is not like that; We take pride in sending each of our tours out with an experienced guide who can show you the coolest spots to ride for each level of experience and even a few secret places that make the tour that much better. Ride with Adrenaline ATV Tours Las Vegas for the ultimate ATV rental riding experience that Las Vegas has to offer; You won’t be disappointed!


Our Mission

To provide the Best ATV Las Vegas Experience! We are the only ATV tour company in Las Vegas to offer the newest and best Yamaha & Polaris Equipment and we ride the Best ATV Las Vegas Trail System in the Valley of Fire.

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Adrenaline ATV Tours 4780 W Ann Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89031

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